Component C


C. Project Management and Additional Studies (PMPIU)


C1. Project co-ordination, monitoring and evaluation.
C2. Strategic studies approved by Steering Committee.

·         Establishment of  National Flood Protection Plan (NFPP-IV) implementation unit and formulation of NFPP-IV implementation framework.

·         Flood Situation Monitoring Reporting System (FSMRS).

·         Up-gradation of Master Plan of flood management of hill torrents of Pakistan and feasibility studies for check/recharge dams in Sulaiman range, feasibility study of Marri Bugti hill torrent.

·         Preparation of implementation framework of National Water Policy (NWP)

·         Preparation of Water and Power Tariffs for Gilgit-Baltistan.

·         Preparation of comprehensive plan for the development and utilization of Power and Energy resources on streams and nullahs (upper Indus Basin).

·         Establishment and up-gradation of data center at Federal Flood Commission (FFC).

·         Establishment of R&D center for water resources and flood including GIS lab.

C3. Technical assistance, capacity building and training.

·         Capacity building

·         Water sector Leadership program.